Aaron Henry Aceves

You Deserve Love


Yes, you’ve been hurt and you’ve hurt before,

You’ve swallowed ships and wrecked homes,

Left little in the wake of your storm,

But, baby, you deserve love.


Yes, you’ve chosen to numb instead of heal,

You’ve unearthed the pleasure in pain,

And buried yourself alive rather than feel,

But, baby, you deserve love.


Yes, you’ve forgotten what’s kept you afloat,

You’ve broken your promises,

And steered towards icebergs in your hand-me-down boat,

But, baby, you deserve love.


Yes, you’ve taken more than you gave,

You’ve stolen food from the hungry

Snatched color from the gray,

But, baby, you deserve love.


You sneer at earnest, at soft, at light,

You aim every word,

Like an arrow in flight,

But yes, even you, deserve love.



Aaron Henry Aceves is a Mexican-American writer born and raised in East L.A. His short stories have appeared in Germ Magazine and Raspa Magazine. He currently lives in New York, where he is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Columbia University

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