To Love and Be Loved


To love and love yourself.

Loving others was never a problem. I find it easy to give others devotion and affection. The problem has always viewing myself worthy of that love. Other people are valid and full of positives quirks, but me? Never. I always saw the itty-bitty cracks and flaws and felt those cracks grow. But then I met you. You have always seen the good in me. You remind me that I’m worthy of love, because I too deserve to receive the kindness I give to others. My Anxiety, My stress, My Dysphoria, you help me breathe, you’re my air, and for that, I’ll always love you.

The Flower blooming in Concrete

You survived the Harshest Conditions and still managed to grow, to bloom, to find a version whose petals reflect who you truly are.

Despite that, you still feel as if you’re wilting, your petals dying, your life slowly being drain, and the reason is quite simple silly flower,

You must love yourself.

A flower fed on sunshine will bloom far better than the strongest one feeding in darkness and self-hatred.

You beautiful flower,

You hate yourself far more than you love everyone else

You must let yourself Bloom.

I have two hands

I have two hands, one for each of you.

My darling flower; sweet, kind, and gentle.

My strong earth; strong, loving, and sturdy.

You two bring me such joy.

Infinite love and happiness,

Two boys so perfect I love to share you both.

While not everyone will understand, and even fewer will like it, this is our path.

With monogamy I would have one heart, with you I have two.

Two very different special souls with which I have two very different, very intimate connections.

As long as I have you both at my side I shall have my perfect sunshine, and my shining stars.


Darius is a nonbinary model, poet, and musician, their other iterests lie in comics and video games, and a goal of theirs is to become a public speaker. They enjoy poetry and storytelling in general, and love to look into themes of love, growth, and the interplay of race and gender in their work.  When they aren’t on twitter far too much, they spend their time playing D&D or thinking too much.


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