Damaris M Huerta

Not Your Fault, It’s Your Fault

It not your fault, you couldn’t
stop me,
You couldn’t force me
to be still,
You couldn’t stop what others did.
You had no way of knowing what would come
I flew through glass,
not a scratch,
not a scar,
I’m okay,
we’re okay.
It’s not your fault.
I’m not okay and it’s all your fault.
You did this!
While I asked why
you let the truth spill out –
cutting me,
with every word.
It’s okay,
I’m okay.
It’s still your fault,
It’s your fault
that I endure pain,
It’s your fault
I have so much patience,
It’s your fault
I have so much love,
It’s your fault
You no longer have control of me,
It’s all your fault.
Thank you


Damaris Huerta is 22 year old latinx queer woman. Her goal is to one day publish her first YA novel. Wanting to write more LGBTQ narrative and diversify YA literate. With a love for the unknown, supernatural, witchcraft, and astrology giving Damaris her own unique voice. Damaris love for writing allows her to show people who she really is inside.


Illustration by Maya Montes (she/they)