Ada Pelonia


today’s the perfect time to hate me.
i’ve reached my peak which means
i’m tired of hearing that just because
i like the person whose gender was same
as mine meant i like every. girl. that. i. see.
i’ve called quits to the people bantering
about my sexuality as if i have figured
i’d just decided about it in a span of seconds
when in reality the realization took place
in four years /four/ excruciating years
that brought me tears for hiding in the
closet i’ve been meaning to show. i can’t
exactly name the novelty of words that
they hurled at me but one thing’s for sure
it took more steel to bend and hearts to
mend before i took the step out of the
blades waiting to jab its way through
the skin of my heels before i finally found
the best way to come out. and maybe
you can hate me because you can’t
bear the truth or because you’re one of
those who believe women should only love
men maybe today you can hate me
but i’ll be sure as heck that
tomorrow, i won’t let you

Ada Pelonia is a writer from the Philippines. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in blink-ink, Germ Magazine, Royal Rose Magazine, 101 Words, Rose Quartz Magazine, Marias at Sampaguitas, among others. Besides reading fictional books and reading anything that comes to her mind, she enjoys drinking tea during rainy days. She’s also on Twitter @_adawrites.