Isaiah Frisbie

sweet home

You learned how to follow the trail back,

picking up all the bits of yourself dropped en route

for the sake of maximizing the space

you thought

you’d make together.

Word of warning:

do not have an appetite for pretty things and sweet nothings.

He has a whole house of them to dispose of.

Understand that peace offerings are relative.

Understand when generosity is a matter of convenience.

Understand when you have become the only thing being consumed

in an otherwise confectionary existence.

Isaiah Frisbie is a Latinx poet from Southern California. He earned his dual BA in Literary Arts and English Nonfiction Writing from Brown University and is currently pursuing his MA in Civic Media from Emerson College. A queer, first-generation college, and low-income student himself, his previous professional experience is namely in community organizing and student advocacy. He is particularly invested in the intersections of writing, social justice, educational equity, and artistic activism.